We have covered several of our specialities briefly in the general history of the company, we now take the opportunity to go into these in more depth in the following pages. These are especially of interest if the work you have in mind is of a more sensitive nature, such as;

Conversion or new build for someone less able, these are often highly specific and funded, at least in part, by local authority. As such these are more highly regulated before and during the build.

Renovation or conversion of old or listed buildings. Again these are often highly specific, as well as regulated and monitored by local authority, both before and during the work.

New build. These often require a high level of precision and professionalism.

As mentioned on our home page, we also offer a full package service for those more complex builds, this would typically include surveyors, architects, project manager, as well as independent oversight of all aspects. It is in our mind important that you are happy with the level of personal involvement during any work, as well as being able to trust the work being carried out is of the standard you would expect, to this end we would recommend how much additional involvement you would need during the work based on your stated wishes and we would carry out whatever liaison was required on your behalf to ensure the job ran smoothly.  


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